Roseberry Floral Design – Funerals

“At this Sensitive time we like to assist you in choosing the right floral tribute.”

We understand its a difficult time when you loose someone and we will assist you choosing a meaningful floral tribute for your loved one that reflects you & your families wishes. There are a number of options wether it be a Coffin top, Single ended spray, Posies, or more specialised tribute. We will talk you through the options either at the shop or at a quieter setting,.

If your loved one had any favourite flowers for example –  a dozen Ivory Roses with a touch of gypsophlia simply tied with a satin bow, or interests for example –  gardening we can incorporate flowering bulbs in the tribute that can later be planted in a special memorial area after the funeral.

How do I order funeral flowers?

  • Once you know the funeral date of your loved one, either give the shop ring or visit the shop to look at ideas.
  • Once you have decided upon a design you will be given some cards to take away & write a little message on, these can either be returned to Roseberry or to the undertakers to be attached to your tribute.
  • We will create the flowers, then we will arrange delivery to the local undertakers or if the funeral is a afar then we can arrange for the family / friends to collect the tribute.

Still unsure  give us a call and we will do our best to answer any question you may have .

Memorial Flowers:

That special time of year when you think of them who have gone but they still remain close to our hearts & you would like some flowers to place in a special area.  There are a few options we could  make you a Posy arrangement ( in  floral foam to keep the flowers fresh) to stand indoors or outdoors, a tied Posy (a bunch of flowers tied together) to lay and naturally biodegrade or you can select a few flowers to put in a vase. We always have a gorgeous selection of flowers to choose from but if you require a special flower then please give us a ring and we will be sure to order it in for delivery the following day.